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If you have missed a call from a phone number you don't recognize, DatacoreLookup can aid you to find the details to get to know who might be the caller is.

It will bring you the necessary details that you need to be able to identify if the caller is just a bill collector, an unwanted caller or maybe a telemarketer. You can read the comments left by other phone users about these number.

May 21,2024 09:47 PM

Received a robot call from this number, claiming to be from Amazon, regarding a suspicious purchase on my account, and providing options to press, to confirm or dispute the purchase (or something to that effect). I hung up then checked my Amazon account. There was no such purchase showing.

- Wayne P
May 14,2024 01:31 PM

Я ищу владельца этого номера 87075947865

- Сак
May 10,2024 04:15 AM

Apr 26,2024 10:39 PM

- Анастасия
Apr 11,2024 03:47 PM

Calls but does not talk.

- Scott
Apr 05,2024 05:26 PM


Mar 19,2024 06:46 PM

- syhed hussain
Feb 25,2024 05:32 PM

Who owns this phone

- Berkley Goergi
Feb 18,2024 07:53 PM

Number above keep calling me and texting me. I need to know who it is? I have family in California as well. So I just need verification

- Andrew
Feb 08,2024 05:50 PM

This caller has an “UNAVAILABLE” and/or “UNKNOWN” Caller ID. Voicemail does not indicted the company or individual identity. Number's outbound voicemail message said, “Thank you for calling. To be connected to a live agent please press one now. If you would like to be added to our internal do not call list please press nine now.” Limited data exist on this number with the exception that it is a known robocaller with a negative rating in on few reverse number lookup sites.

- user
Feb 08,2024 10:26 AM

got text from this unknown # asking when i was going to pick up the book they borrowed. complete spam-didnt reply but i suspect it cld be unsafe

- barb
Feb 07,2024 08:39 PM

According to my call back the name for this research company is Venten Data, but on December of 2023 it was the Height Research and National Public Opinion Firm. Though on one data base this number is registered to [REDACTED] located in [REDACTED], Brookhaven, GA. This number also has a negative user reputation across a few reverse number lookup sites, and appears to be a virtual phone managed by is Level 3 Communications in Miami, FL. I have no idea on how they were able to obtain my number since I’m on the FTC do not call list. I have never have given my number to any such companies nor do I consent to being contacted. VENTEN DATA MARKET RESEARCH COMPANY

- user
Feb 07,2024 06:10 PM

Been getting call from California Avenue LLC since last year. Report each call every time to the FTC and Nomorobo, but this company/scammer uses various number along with caller identification names to place their calls. This caller uses its own number as the Caller’s ID, and seems to be using a virtual phone managed by Onvoy in Jefferson (York), PA. Additionally this number use to be owned by an “cars extended warranty” robocall and has been reported to the FTC and block by most call blocking services.

- user
Feb 06,2024 05:03 PM

This caller’s Caller ID information list only the city and state. As far as I can determine this number has no voicemail and call appears to be coming from virtual phone managed by in Tom River, NJ. A few reverse number lookup site users have reported this number as a robocaller. I do not recognize the number nor did I give consent to be contacted by the owner of this number.

- user
Feb 05,2024 11:19 PM

It appears that the call was prevented from being completed, but was recorded by my incoming calls logs. This number belong to California Avenue LLC that uses various number along with caller identification names to place their calls. This number has an “UNKNOWN” Caller’s ID, and may display as “UNAVAILABLE.” It also seems to be using a virtual phone managed by Onvoy in Jensen Beach, FL

- user
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