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Area Code 413

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Area Code Company Line
413-702-xxxxGlobal Naps Inc.-maLandline
413-712-xxxxChoice One Communications - MaLandline
413-217-xxxxCtc Communications Corp. - MaLandline
413-497-xxxxRnk Inc.Landline
413-832-xxxxGlobal Naps Inc.-maLandline
413-214-xxxxConversent Communications Of Massachusetts LlcLandline
413-321-xxxxGlobal Naps Inc.-maLandline
413-377-xxxxBrooks Fiber Communications Of Massachusetts - MaLandline
413-769-xxxxPaetec Communications Inc.Landline
413-480-xxxxGlobal Naps Inc.-maLandline
413-546-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-768-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - MaWireless
413-410-xxxxGlobal Naps Inc.-maLandline
413-362-xxxxBrooks Fiber Communications Of Massachusetts - MaLandline
413-327-xxxxRnk Inc.Landline
413-251-xxxxRnk Inc.Landline
413-725-xxxxChoice One Communications - MaLandline
413-845-xxxxGlobal Naps Inc.-maLandline
413-853-xxxxRnk Inc.Landline
413-361-xxxxGlobal Naps Inc.-maLandline
413-312-xxxxGlobal Naps Inc.-maLandline
413-356-xxxxAt&t LocalLandline
413-677-xxxxGlobal Naps Inc.-maLandline
413-523-xxxxPaetec Communications Inc.Landline
413-944-xxxxConversent Communications Of Massachusetts LlcLandline
413-826-xxxxGlobal Naps Inc.-maLandline
413-631-xxxxTeleport Communications Group - BostonLandline
413-242-xxxxBrooks Fiber Communications Of Massachusetts - MaLandline
413-992-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-764-xxxxGlobal Naps Inc.-maLandline
413-629-xxxxCtc Communications Corp. - MaLandline
413-308-xxxxRnk Inc.Landline
413-577-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-653-xxxxGlobal Naps Inc.-maLandline
413-676-xxxxCtc Communications Corp. - MaLandline
413-752-xxxxRnk Inc.Landline
413-314-xxxxBroadvox-clec Llc - MaLandline
413-459-xxxxRnk Inc.Landline
413-215-xxxxGlobal Naps Inc.-maLandline Clec Llc - MaLandline
413-729-xxxxRnk Inc.Landline
413-557-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-254-xxxxGlobal Naps Inc.-maLandline
413-471-xxxxRnk Inc.Landline
413-679-xxxxRnk Inc.Landline
413-682-xxxxChoice One Communications - MaLandline
413-834-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - MaWireless
413-693-xxxxCtc Communications Corp. - MaLandline
413-345-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - MaWireless
413-889-xxxxRnk Inc.Landline
413-219-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
413-370-xxxxRnk Inc.Landline
413-326-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
413-375-xxxxGlobal Naps Inc.-maLandline
413-228-xxxxGlobal Naps Inc.-maLandline
413-351-xxxxRnk Inc.Landline
413-751-xxxxGlobal Naps Inc.-maLandline
413-485-xxxxChoice One Communications - MaLandline
413-234-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - MaWireless
413-221-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
413-349-xxxxLevel 3 Communications Llc - MaLandline
413-334-xxxxGlobal Naps Inc.-maLandline
413-512-xxxxConversent Communications Of Massachusetts LlcLandline
413-418-xxxxRnk Inc.Landline
413-431-xxxxGlobal Naps Inc.-maLandline
413-328-xxxxBroadview Networks Inc. - MaLandline
413-318-xxxxChoice One Communications - MaLandline
413-235-xxxxGlobal Naps Inc.-maLandline
413-668-xxxxChoice One Communications - MaLandline
413-799-xxxxCrc Communications Of Maine Inc. - MaLandline
413-758-xxxxRnk Inc.Landline
413-295-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-200-xxxxRnk Inc.Landline
413-240-xxxxTeleport Communications Group - BostonLandline
413-553-xxxxPaetec Communications Inc.Landline
413-461-xxxxRnk Inc.Landline
413-846-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-896-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - MaWireless
413-239-xxxxRnk Inc.Landline
413-358-xxxxConversent Communications Of Massachusetts LlcLandline
413-828-xxxxGlobal Naps Inc.-maLandline
413-449-xxxxTeleport Communications Group - BostonLandline
413-288-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-290-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-829-xxxxRnk Inc.Landline
413-355-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - MaWireless
413-454-xxxxConversent Communications Of Massachusetts LlcLandline
413-686-xxxxPaetec Communications Inc.Landline
413-777-xxxxMetro Pcs Inc.Landline
413-883-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
413-340-xxxxLevel 3 Communications Llc - MaLandline
413-886-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-794-xxxxPaetec Communications Inc.Landline
413-433-xxxxOmnipoint Miami E License LlcWireless
413-544-xxxxGlobal Naps Inc.-maLandline
413-798-xxxxChoice One Communications - MaLandline
413-383-xxxxGlobal Naps Inc.-maLandline
413-657-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
413-313-xxxxCtc Communications Corp. - MaLandline
413-581-xxxxGlobal Naps Inc.-maLandline
413-824-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - DcWireless
413-841-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
413-825-xxxxGlobal Naps Inc.-maLandline
413-325-xxxxTeleport Communications Group - BostonLandline
413-977-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
413-504-xxxxTeleport Communications Group - BostonLandline
413-210-xxxxOmnipoint Miami E License LlcWireless
413-723-xxxxGlobal Naps Inc.-maLandline
413-474-xxxxConversent Communications Of Massachusetts LlcLandline
413-335-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - MaWireless
413-292-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-885-xxxxOmnipoint Miami E License LlcWireless
413-218-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
413-364-xxxxOmnipoint Miami E License LlcWireless
413-222-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
413-812-xxxxGlobal Naps Inc.-maLandline
413-420-xxxxChoice One Communications - MaLandline
413-294-xxxxGlobal Naps Inc.-maLandline
413-822-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - MaWireless
413-770-xxxxGlobal Naps Inc.-maLandline
413-495-xxxxCtc Communications Corp. - MaLandline
413-597-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-858-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-849-xxxxLevel 3 Communications Llc - MaLandline
413-303-xxxxPaetec Communications Inc.Landline
413-275-xxxxTeleport Communications Group - BostonLandline
413-994-xxxxLevel 3 Communications Llc - MaLandline
413-262-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - MaWireless
413-502-xxxxGlobal Naps Inc.-maLandline
413-509-xxxxCtc Communications Corp. - MaLandline
413-338-xxxxRnk Inc.Landline
413-778-xxxxGlobal Naps Inc.-maLandline
413-622-xxxxGlobal Naps Inc.-maLandline
413-847-xxxxOmnipoint Miami E License LlcWireless
413-588-xxxxTeleport Communications Group - BostonLandline
413-887-xxxxBrooks Fiber Communications Of Massachusetts - MaLandline
413-330-xxxxOmnipoint Miami E License LlcWireless
413-591-xxxxRnk Inc.Landline
413-241-xxxxBrooks Fiber Communications Of Massachusetts - MaLandline
413-888-xxxxCtc Communications Corp. - MaLandline
413-386-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
413-204-xxxxOmnipoint Miami E License LlcWireless
413-949-xxxxOmnipoint Miami E License LlcWireless
413-206-xxxxCtc Communications Corp. - MaLandline
413-530-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - MaWireless
413-246-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
413-561-xxxxRnk Inc.Landline
413-545-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-658-xxxxChoice One Communications - MaLandline
413-388-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - DcWireless
413-348-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - MaWireless
413-884-xxxxPaetec Communications Inc.Landline
413-233-xxxxCtc Communications Corp. - MaLandline
413-486-xxxxCtc Communications Corp. - MaLandline
413-282-xxxxChoice One Communications - MaLandline
413-714-xxxxGlobal Naps Inc.-maLandline
413-244-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - MaWireless
413-636-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - MaWireless
413-652-xxxxConversent Communications Of Massachusetts LlcLandline
413-281-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - MaWireless
413-453-xxxxRnk Inc.Landline
413-439-xxxxChoice One Communications - MaLandline
413-320-xxxxLevel 3 Communications Llc - MaLandline
413-237-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - MaWireless
413-559-xxxxTeleport Communications Group - BostonLandline
413-531-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - MaWireless
413-403-xxxxGlobal Naps Inc.-maLandline
413-225-xxxxTeleport Communications Group - BostonLandline
413-252-xxxxRnk Inc.Landline
413-726-xxxxPaetec Communications Inc.Landline
413-347-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
413-575-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - MaWireless
413-573-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-352-xxxxGlobal Naps Inc.-maLandline
413-687-xxxxConversent Communications Of Massachusetts LlcLandline
413-519-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - MaWireless
413-438-xxxxRnk Inc.Landline
413-426-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-935-xxxxCtc Communications Corp. - MaLandline
413-304-xxxxBroadview Networks Inc. - MaLandline
413-643-xxxxGlobal Naps Inc.-maLandline
413-261-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-265-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - MaWireless
413-771-xxxxGlobal Naps Inc.-maLandline
413-728-xxxxRnk Inc.Landline
413-654-xxxxCrocker Telecommunications Llc - MaLandline
413-478-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - MaWireless
413-425-xxxxGlobal Naps Inc.-maLandline
413-441-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - MaWireless
413-427-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - MaWireless
413-446-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - DcWireless
413-505-xxxxDsci Corporation - MaLandline
413-329-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - DcWireless
413-875-xxxxCtc Communications Corp. - MaLandline
413-374-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - MaWireless
413-831-xxxxChoice One Communications - MaLandline
413-208-xxxxGlobal Naps Inc.-maLandline
413-216-xxxxCtc Communications Corp. - MaLandline
413-937-xxxxCtc Communications Corp. - MaLandline
413-740-xxxxGlobal Naps Inc.-maLandline
413-803-xxxxGlobal Naps Inc.-maLandline
413-460-xxxxGlobal Naps Inc.-maLandline
413-627-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - DcWireless
413-537-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - MaWireless
413-854-xxxxPaetec Communications Inc.Landline
413-250-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - DcWireless
413-212-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - DcWireless
413-521-xxxxGlobal Naps Inc.-maLandline
413-563-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - DcWireless
413-226-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-231-xxxxAt&t LocalLandline
413-365-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-473-xxxxGlobal Naps Inc.-maLandline
413-306-xxxxLevel 3 Communications Llc - MaLandline
413-556-xxxxGlobal Naps Inc.-maLandline
413-793-xxxxGlobal Naps Inc.-maLandline
413-570-xxxxCtc Communications Corp. - MaLandline
413-595-xxxxCtc Communications Corp. - MaLandline
413-641-xxxxChoice One Communications - MaLandline
413-297-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - DcWireless
413-685-xxxxRnk Inc.Landline
413-626-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - DcWireless
413-263-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-397-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-266-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-272-xxxxBrooks Fiber Communications Of Massachusetts - MaLandline
413-227-xxxxAmerican Messaging (am) Inc.Landline
413-494-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-223-xxxxBrooks Fiber Communications Of Massachusetts - MaLandline
413-276-xxxxComcast Phone Of Massachusetts Inc. - MaLandline
413-336-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - DcWireless
413-307-xxxxAt&t LocalLandline
413-899-xxxxAt&t LocalLandline
413-638-xxxxGlobal Naps Inc.-maLandline
413-612-xxxxChoice One Communications - MaLandline
413-813-xxxxConversent Communications Of Massachusetts LlcLandline
413-205-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-923-xxxxBrooks Fiber Communications Of Massachusetts - MaLandline
413-207-xxxxComcast Phone Of Massachusetts Inc. - MaLandline
413-366-xxxxCtc Communications Corp. - MaLandline
413-513-xxxxGlobal Naps Inc.-maLandline
413-692-xxxxGlobal Naps Inc.-maLandline
413-271-xxxxBrooks Fiber Communications Of Massachusetts - MaLandline
413-424-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-672-xxxxTeleport Communications Group - BostonLandline
413-332-xxxxGlobal Naps Inc.-maLandline
413-748-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-487-xxxxGlobal Naps Inc.-maLandline
413-779-xxxxCtc Communications Corp. - MaLandline
413-387-xxxxConversent Communications Of Massachusetts LlcLandline
413-451-xxxxGlobal Naps Inc.-maLandline
413-452-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-522-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - DcWireless
413-376-xxxxChoice One Communications - MaLandline
413-382-xxxxChoice One Communications - MaLandline
413-961-xxxxConversent Communications Of Massachusetts LlcLandline
413-639-xxxxChoice One Communications - MaLandline
413-429-xxxxTeleport Communications Group - BostonLandline
413-717-xxxxConversent Communications Of Massachusetts LlcLandline
413-750-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-324-xxxxBrooks Fiber Communications Of Massachusetts - MaLandline
413-248-xxxxCtc Communications Corp. - MaLandline
413-683-xxxxGlobal Naps Inc.-maLandline
413-695-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - DcWireless
413-542-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-517-xxxxChoice One Communications - MaLandline
413-541-xxxxGlobal Naps Inc.-maLandline
413-257-xxxxAmerican Messaging (am) Inc.Landline
413-675-xxxxConversent Communications Of Massachusetts LlcLandline
413-647-xxxxGlobal Naps Inc.-maLandline
413-578-xxxxAmerican Messaging (am) Inc.Landline
413-309-xxxxOmnipoint Miami E License LlcWireless
413-286-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-669-xxxxGlobal Naps Inc.-maLandline
413-674-xxxxGlobal Naps Inc.-maLandline
413-895-xxxxGlobal Naps Inc.-maLandline
413-249-xxxxAmerican Messaging (am) Inc.Landline
413-865-xxxxConversent Communications Of Massachusetts LlcLandline
413-861-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-744-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-582-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-784-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-735-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-931-xxxxConversent Communications Of Massachusetts LlcLandline
413-273-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-398-xxxxRnk Inc.Landline
413-350-xxxxTeleport Communications Group - BostonLandline
413-385-xxxxChoice One Communications - MaLandline
413-691-xxxxGlobal Naps Inc.-maLandline
413-305-xxxxGlobal Naps Inc.-maLandline
413-230-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - DcWireless
413-264-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-645-xxxxCtc Communications Corp. - MaLandline
413-493-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-604-xxxxGlobal Naps Inc.-maLandline
413-759-xxxxCtc Communications Corp. - MaLandline
413-552-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-755-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-384-xxxxCtc Communications Corp. - MaLandline
413-372-xxxxPaetec Communications Inc.Landline
413-787-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-785-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-618-xxxxGlobal Naps Inc.-maLandline
413-280-xxxxGlobal Naps Inc.-maLandline
413-539-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline Clec Llc - MaLandline
413-776-xxxxConversent Communications Of Massachusetts LlcLandline
413-835-xxxxComcast Phone Of Massachusetts Inc. - MaLandline
413-285-xxxxCornerstone Telephone Company Llc - MaLandline
413-551-xxxxCtc Communications Corp. - MaLandline
413-548-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-302-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - MaWireless
413-236-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-344-xxxxTime Warner Cable Information Svcs (massachusetts)Landline
413-378-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-489-xxxxRnk Inc.Landline
413-775-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-341-xxxxRnk Inc.Landline
413-391-xxxxYmax Communications Corp. - MaLandline Clec Llc - MaLandline
413-346-xxxxPaetec Communications Inc.Landline
413-259-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-727-xxxxCtc Communications Corp. - MaLandline
413-475-xxxxAt&t LocalLandline
413-540-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-579-xxxxTeleport Communications Group - BostonLandline
413-535-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-209-xxxxBroadview Networks Inc. - MaLandline
413-730-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-598-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-395-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-796-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-749-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-464-xxxxSprint Communications Company L.p. - MaLandline
413-284-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-363-xxxxComcast Phone Of Massachusetts Inc. - MaLandline
413-258-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-437-xxxxCtc Communications Corp. - MaLandline
413-893-xxxxConversent Communications Of Massachusetts LlcLandline
413-564-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-881-xxxxPaetec Communications Inc.Landline
413-738-xxxxTaconic Telephone Corp.Landline
413-587-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-447-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-650-xxxxLevel 3 Communications Llc - MaLandline
413-455-xxxxComcast Phone Of Massachusetts Inc. - MaLandline
413-997-xxxxRichmond Connections Inc. Dba Richmond NetworxLandline
413-731-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-862-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-648-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-339-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-353-xxxxTime Warner Cable Information Svcs (massachusetts)Landline
413-367-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-277-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-238-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-357-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-337-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-659-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-827-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-781-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-772-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-274-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-331-xxxxCharter Fiberlink Ma-cco Llc - MaLandline
413-585-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-247-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-224-xxxxBrooks Fiber Communications Of Massachusetts - MaLandline
413-642-xxxxPaetec Communications Inc.Landline
413-526-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-496-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-213-xxxxAt&t LocalLandline
413-842-xxxxCtc Communications Corp. - MaLandline
413-315-xxxxConversent Communications Of Massachusetts LlcLandline
413-301-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - DcWireless
413-448-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-499-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-289-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-423-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-565-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-663-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-624-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-747-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-354-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-821-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-593-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-538-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-572-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-594-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-445-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-634-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-422-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-298-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-746-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-547-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-667-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-296-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-733-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-203-xxxxComcast Phone Of Massachusetts Inc. - MaLandline
413-998-xxxxCtc Communications Corp. - MaLandline
413-534-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-498-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-623-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-300-xxxxTime Warner Cable Information Svcs (massachusetts)Landline
413-644-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-736-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-543-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-232-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-283-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-662-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-774-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-734-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-628-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-732-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-737-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-477-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-848-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-369-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-529-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-788-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-739-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-256-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-243-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-536-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-773-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-322-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-436-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-268-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-569-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-664-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-589-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-863-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-698-xxxxRichmond Telephone Co.Landline
413-255-xxxxComcast Phone Of Massachusetts Inc. - MaLandline
413-782-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-458-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-789-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-655-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-583-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-586-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-467-xxxxGranby Telephone LlcLandline
413-596-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-269-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-584-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-229-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-625-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-684-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-786-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-525-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-637-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-394-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-443-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-528-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-592-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-253-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-754-xxxxConversent Communications Of Massachusetts LlcLandline
413-967-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-532-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-245-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-783-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-323-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-442-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-533-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-599-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-665-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-549-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-566-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-568-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-610-xxxxConversent Communications Of Massachusetts LlcLandline
413-267-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-562-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-567-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-743-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-279-xxxxBrooks Fiber Communications Of Massachusetts - MaLandline
413-527-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline
413-993-xxxxGlobal Naps Inc.-maLandline
413-801-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - DcWireless
413-995-xxxxCtc Communications Corp. - MaLandline
413-457-xxxxVerizon New England Inc.Landline Clec Llc - MaLandline

Details for area code (413) has the local exchanges. Know more information about certain phone number by clicking your desired exchange.

Area Code 413 Teritorry

Massachusetts (Springfield, Pittsfield, Holyoke, Greenfield, and most of Western Massachusetts)