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Area Code 815

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Area Code Company Line
815-364-xxxxBroadwing Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-687-xxxxRcn Telecom Services Of Illinois Inc. - IlLandline
815-658-xxxxEssex Telcom Inc.Landline
815-361-xxxxBroadwing Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-410-xxxxLevel 3 Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-960-xxxxNorth County Communications Corp. - CaLandline
815-317-xxxxBroadwing Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-415-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-605-xxxxLevel 3 Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-314-xxxxBroadwing Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-572-xxxxBroadwing Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-310-xxxxBroadwing Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-349-xxxxXo Illinois Inc.Landline
815-260-xxxxUnited States Cellular Corp. - IllinoisWireless
815-346-xxxxBroadwing Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-888-xxxxLevel 3 Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-221-xxxxTeleport Communications America Llc - IlLandline
815-905-xxxxLevel 3 Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-278-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - IlWireless
815-719-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
815-676-xxxxLevel 3 Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-823-xxxxXo Illinois Inc.Landline
815-306-xxxxBroadwing Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-219-xxxxUnited States Cellular Corp. - IllinoisWireless
815-651-xxxxRcn Telecom Services Of Illinois Inc. - IlLandline
815-312-xxxxYmax Communications Corp. - IlLandline
815-318-xxxxBroadwing Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-753-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-408-xxxxGlobalcom Inc.-ilLandline
815-209-xxxxLevel 3 Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-921-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-797-xxxxLevel 3 Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-549-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
815-841-xxxxEssex Telcom Inc.Landline
815-821-xxxxUnited States Cellular Corp. - IllinoisWireless
815-261-xxxxMci Worldcom Communications Inc. - IlLandline
815-425-xxxxBroadwing Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-898-xxxxAero North Communications Inc. - IlLandline
815-386-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - IlWireless
815-641-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - IlWireless
815-579-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
815-257-xxxxIllinois Valley Cellular Rsa 2-ii PartnershipLandline
815-315-xxxxLevel 3 Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-764-xxxxUnited States Cellular Corp. - IllinoisWireless
815-377-xxxxBroadwing Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-299-xxxxUnited States Cellular Corp. - IllinoisWireless
815-516-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
815-670-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
815-295-xxxxT-mobile Usa Inc.Wireless
815-876-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-461-xxxxBroadwing Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-281-xxxxUnited States Cellular Corp. - IllinoisWireless
815-914-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
815-566-xxxxLevel 3 Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-550-xxxxBroadwing Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-508-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - IlWireless
815-204-xxxxUsa Mobility Wireless Inc.Wireless
815-301-xxxxBroadwing Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-970-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
815-440-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - IlWireless
815-981-xxxxLevel 3 Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-373-xxxxUs Xchange Of Illinois Llc Dba Choice One Comm IlLandline
815-608-xxxxT-mobile Usa Inc.Wireless
815-216-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - IlWireless
815-615-xxxxLevel 3 Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-721-xxxxAt&t LocalLandline
815-505-xxxxT-mobile Usa Inc.Wireless
815-514-xxxxNextel Communications Inc.Wireless
815-718-xxxxUnited States Cellular Corp. - IllinoisWireless
815-752-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-214-xxxxRcn Telecom Services Of Illinois Inc. - IlLandline
815-762-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - IlWireless
815-348-xxxxUs Xchange Of Illinois Llc Dba Choice One Comm IlLandline
815-997-xxxxMcleodusa Telecommunications Services Inc.- IlLandline
815-222-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - IlWireless
815-303-xxxxIllinois Valley Cellular Rsa 2-i PartnershipLandline
815-716-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
815-601-xxxxBitwise Communications Inc. - IlLandline
815-631-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-499-xxxxUnited States Cellular Corp. - IllinoisWireless
815-908-xxxxSprint Communications Company L.p. - IlLandline
815-973-xxxxUnited States Cellular Corp. - IllinoisWireless
815-345-xxxxLevel 3 Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-696-xxxxAero North Communications Inc. - IlLandline
815-200-xxxxPaetec Communications Inc. - IlLandline
815-940-xxxxLevel 3 Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-983-xxxxAmerican Messaging (am) Inc.Landline
815-319-xxxxUnited States Cellular Corp. - IllinoisWireless
815-690-xxxxUnited States Cellular Corp. - IllinoisWireless
815-990-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - IlWireless
815-954-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - IlWireless
815-512-xxxxGlobalcom Inc.-ilLandline
815-494-xxxxUnited States Cellular Corp. - IllinoisWireless
815-289-xxxxUnited States Cellular Corp. - IllinoisWireless
815-761-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - IlWireless
815-953-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - IlWireless
815-999-xxxxUnited States Cellular Corp. - IllinoisWireless
815-710-xxxxAt&t LocalLandline
815-509-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
815-988-xxxxUnited States Cellular Corp. - IllinoisWireless
815-370-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - IlWireless
815-871-xxxxUnited States Cellular Corp. - IllinoisWireless
815-951-xxxxEssex Telcom Inc.Landline
815-739-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
815-212-xxxxT-mobile Usa Inc.Wireless
815-262-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - IlWireless
815-592-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - IlWireless
815-503-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
815-291-xxxxUnited States Cellular Corp. - IllinoisWireless
815-213-xxxxUnited States Cellular Corp. - IllinoisWireless
815-520-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - IlWireless
815-703-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
815-649-xxxxRcn Telecom Services Of Illinois Inc. - IlLandline
815-668-xxxxNeutral Tandem-illinois Llc - IlLandline
815-451-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - IlWireless
815-992-xxxxNextel Communications Inc.Wireless
815-515-xxxxLevel 3 Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-541-xxxxUnited States Cellular Corp. - IllinoisWireless
815-540-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
815-980-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - IlWireless
815-590-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
815-553-xxxxOvation Communications Of Illinois Inc.Landline
815-922-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - IlWireless
815-766-xxxxUnited States Cellular Corp. - IllinoisWireless
815-701-xxxxLevel 3 Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-952-xxxxAero North Communications Inc. - IlLandline
815-618-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - IlWireless
815-529-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - IlWireless
815-768-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-354-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - IlWireless
815-560-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
815-519-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
815-978-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - IlWireless
815-242-xxxxUsa Mobility Wireless Inc.Wireless
815-665-xxxxRcn Telecom Services Of Illinois Inc. - IlLandline
815-878-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - IlWireless
815-551-xxxxEssex Telcom Inc.Landline
815-793-xxxxT-mobile Usa Inc.Wireless
815-351-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - IlWireless
815-585-xxxxLevel 3 Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-557-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
815-852-xxxxAero North Communications Inc. - IlLandline
815-910-xxxxIllinois Valley Cellular Rsa 2-i PartnershipLandline
815-573-xxxxLevel 3 Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-994-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
815-507-xxxxLevel 3 Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-263-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - IlWireless
815-621-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
815-294-xxxxUsa Mobility Wireless Inc.Wireless
815-531-xxxxTeleport Communications America Llc - IlLandline
815-574-xxxxEssex Telcom Inc.Landline
815-600-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - IlWireless
815-757-xxxxUnited States Cellular Corp. - IllinoisWireless
815-298-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - IlWireless
815-414-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - IlWireless
815-375-xxxxUnited States Cellular Corp. - IllinoisWireless
815-296-xxxxUsa Mobility Wireless Inc.Wireless
815-340-xxxxComcast Phone Of Illinois Llc Dba Comco - IlLandline
815-742-xxxxUnited States Cellular Corp. - IllinoisWireless
815-558-xxxxUnited States Cellular Corp. - IllinoisWireless
815-380-xxxxEssex Telcom Inc.Landline
815-771-xxxxRcn Telecom Services Of Illinois Inc. - IlLandline
815-355-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - IlWireless
815-656-xxxxLevel 3 Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-918-xxxxLevel 3 Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-715-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - IlWireless
815-276-xxxxTeleport Communications America Llc - IlLandline
815-218-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - IlWireless
815-587-xxxxLevel 3 Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-681-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - IlWireless
815-866-xxxxIllinois Valley Cellular Rsa 2-i PartnershipLandline
815-302-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
815-275-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - IlWireless
815-217-xxxxDigital Network Access Communications Inc. - IlLandline
815-993-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - IlWireless
815-405-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
815-916-xxxxNextel Communications Inc.Wireless
815-809-xxxxAero North Communications Inc. - IlLandline
815-619-xxxxAero North Communications Inc. - IlLandline
815-829-xxxxEssex Telcom Inc.Landline
815-746-xxxxMarseilles Telephone Co. Of MarseillesLandline
815-272-xxxxMci Worldcom Communications Inc. - IlLandline
815-543-xxxxUnited States Cellular Corp. - IllinoisWireless
815-238-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - IlWireless
815-483-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
815-441-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - IlWireless
815-751-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - IlWireless
815-650-xxxxAt&t LocalLandline
815-536-xxxxUsa Mobility Wireless Inc.Wireless
815-661-xxxxRcn Telecom Services Of Illinois Inc. - IlLandline
815-378-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
815-985-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - IlWireless
815-979-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - IlWireless
815-347-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - IlWireless
815-243-xxxxUnited States Cellular Corp. - IllinoisWireless
815-603-xxxxT-mobile Usa Inc.Wireless
815-279-xxxxAmerican Messaging (am) Inc.Landline
815-501-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
815-955-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
815-321-xxxxXo Illinois Inc.Landline
815-250-xxxxComcast Phone Of Illinois Llc Dba Comco - IlLandline
815-366-xxxxBroadwing Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-919-xxxxT-mobile Usa Inc.Wireless
815-902-xxxxMediacom Telephony Of Illinois Llc - IlLandline
815-502-xxxxGlobalcom Inc.-ilLandline
815-909-xxxxT-mobile Usa Inc.Wireless
815-450-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - IlWireless
815-662-xxxxLevel 3 Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-352-xxxxBroadwing Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-655-xxxxEssex Telcom Inc.Landline
815-660-xxxxRcn Telecom Services Of Illinois Inc. - IlLandline
815-982-xxxxEssex Telcom Inc.Landline
815-228-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - IlWireless
815-326-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - IlWireless
815-847-xxxxSbc Internet Services Inc.Landline
815-388-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
815-404-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
815-530-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
815-210-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - IlWireless
815-830-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - IlWireless
815-760-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - IlWireless
815-974-xxxxEssex Telcom Inc.Landline
815-931-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - IlWireless
815-861-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - IlWireless
815-382-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - IlWireless
815-343-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - IlWireless
815-471-xxxxIllinois Valley Cellular Rsa 2-i PartnershipLandline
815-763-xxxxAnswer America Dba Answer UsaLandline
815-482-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
815-783-xxxxRcn Telecom Services Of Illinois Inc. - IlLandline
815-575-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - IlWireless
815-341-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - IlWireless
815-353-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - IlWireless
815-791-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
815-713-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - IlWireless
815-488-xxxxIllinois Valley Cellular Rsa 2-i PartnershipLandline
815-576-xxxxEssex Telcom Inc.Landline
815-528-xxxxTeleport Communications America Llc - IlLandline
815-546-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - IlWireless
815-202-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - IlWireless
815-644-xxxxRcn Telecom Services Of Illinois Inc. - IlLandline
815-671-xxxxLevel 3 Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-891-xxxxAero North Communications Inc. - IlLandline
815-707-xxxxLevel 3 Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-798-xxxxEssex Telcom Inc.Landline
815-693-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
815-583-xxxxEssex Telcom Inc.Landline
815-532-xxxxUsa Mobility Wireless Inc.Wireless
815-712-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
815-374-xxxxUs Xchange Of Illinois Llc Dba Choice One Comm IlLandline
815-274-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - IlWireless
815-236-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - IlWireless
815-417-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-325-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - IlWireless
815-820-xxxxAero North Communications Inc. - IlLandline
815-775-xxxxUsa Mobility Wireless Inc.Wireless
815-617-xxxxAt&t LocalLandline
815-610-xxxxBitwise Communications Inc. - IlLandline
815-790-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
815-900-xxxxDenali Spectrum License LlcLandline
815-870-xxxxUsa Mobility Wireless Inc.Wireless
815-769-xxxxBroadwing Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-252-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - IlWireless
815-735-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - IlWireless
815-996-xxxxNextel Communications Inc.Wireless
815-972-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-266-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-207-xxxxAt&t LocalLandline
815-300-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-924-xxxxEssex Telcom Inc.Landline
815-685-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - IlWireless
815-489-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-674-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - IlWireless
815-755-xxxxAmerican Messaging (am) Inc.Landline
815-669-xxxxLevel 3 Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-814-xxxxT-mobile Usa Inc.Wireless
815-642-xxxxBroadwing Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-803-xxxxAero North Communications Inc. - IlLandline
815-912-xxxxAero North Communications Inc. - IlLandline
815-545-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - IlWireless
815-215-xxxxGlobalcom Inc.-ilLandline
815-342-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - IlWireless
815-612-xxxxBitwise Communications Inc. - IlLandline
815-720-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-927-xxxxBroadwing Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-819-xxxxAero North Communications Inc. - IlLandline
815-794-xxxxMarseilles Telephone Co. Of MarseillesLandline
815-383-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - IlWireless
815-785-xxxxRcn Telecom Services Of Illinois Inc. - IlLandline
815-297-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-593-xxxxAt&t LocalLandline
815-986-xxxxUs Xchange Of Illinois Llc Dba Choice One Comm IlLandline
815-333-xxxxBroadwing Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-487-xxxxGlobalcom Inc.-ilLandline
815-559-xxxxEssex Telcom Inc.Landline
815-840-xxxxAero North Communications Inc. - IlLandline
815-810-xxxxAero North Communications Inc. - IlLandline
815-268-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-371-xxxxBroadwing Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-971-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-400-xxxxMediacom Telephony Of Illinois Llc - IlLandline
815-867-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
815-816-xxxxAero North Communications Inc. - IlLandline
815-848-xxxxIllinois Valley Cellular Rsa 2-i PartnershipLandline
815-231-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-859-xxxxEssex Telcom Inc.Landline
815-892-xxxxEssex Telcom Inc.Landline
815-613-xxxxEssex Telcom Inc.Landline
815-412-xxxxBroadwing Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-474-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - IlWireless
815-833-xxxxAero North Communications Inc. - IlLandline
815-571-xxxxMediacom Telephony Of Illinois Llc - IlLandline
815-804-xxxxAero North Communications Inc. - IlLandline
815-360-xxxxEssex Telcom Inc.Landline
815-749-xxxxAnswer America Dba Answer UsaLandline
815-850-xxxxAero North Communications Inc. - IlLandline
815-839-xxxxXo Illinois Inc.Landline
815-967-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-420-xxxxEssex Telcom Inc.Landline
815-606-xxxxGlobalcom Inc.-ilLandline
815-481-xxxxIllinois Valley Cellular Rsa 2-i PartnershipLandline
815-837-xxxxAero North Communications Inc. - IlLandline
815-258-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - IlWireless
815-350-xxxxEssex Telcom Inc.Landline
815-920-xxxxMediacom Telephony Of Illinois Llc - IlLandline
815-245-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - IlWireless
815-480-xxxxUsa Mobility Wireless Inc.Wireless
815-767-xxxxAmerican Messaging (am) Inc.Landline
815-835-xxxxEssex Telcom Inc.Landline
815-506-xxxxLevel 3 Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-403-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
815-290-xxxxSbc Internet Services Inc.Landline
815-890-xxxxAero North Communications Inc. - IlLandline
815-491-xxxx365 Wireless LlcLandline
815-413-xxxxGlobalcom Inc.-ilLandline
815-705-xxxxTeleport Communications America Llc - IlLandline
815-323-xxxxLevel 3 Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-504-xxxxGlobalcom Inc.-ilLandline
815-307-xxxxBroadwing Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-677-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - IlWireless
815-241-xxxxAmerican Messaging (am) Inc.Landline
815-666-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - IlWireless
815-470-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-309-xxxxAero North Communications Inc. - IlLandline
815-533-xxxxIndiana Paging NtwkLandline
815-620-xxxxEssex Telcom Inc.Landline
815-409-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - IlWireless
815-805-xxxxAero North Communications Inc. - IlLandline
815-896-xxxxAero North Communications Inc. - IlLandline
815-430-xxxxGlobalcom Inc.-ilLandline
815-731-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-535-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-328-xxxxBroadwing Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-330-xxxxGlobalcom Inc.-ilLandline
815-391-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-280-xxxxTeleport Communications America Llc - IlLandline
815-607-xxxxBitwise Communications Inc. - IlLandline
815-205-xxxxUsa Mobility Wireless Inc.Wireless
815-989-xxxxSprint Communications Company L.p. - IlLandline
815-843-xxxxEssex Telcom Inc.Landline
815-602-xxxxGlobalcom Inc.-ilLandline
815-917-xxxxEssex Telcom Inc.Landline
815-706-xxxxEssex Telcom Inc.Landline
815-327-xxxxBroadwing Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-860-xxxxTeleport Communications America Llc - IlLandline
815-903-xxxxAmerican Messaging (am) Inc.Landline
815-808-xxxxAero North Communications Inc. - IlLandline
815-813-xxxxAero North Communications Inc. - IlLandline
815-812-xxxxAero North Communications Inc. - IlLandline
815-807-xxxxAero North Communications Inc. - IlLandline
815-750-xxxxMtco Communications Inc.Landline
815-817-xxxxAero North Communications Inc. - IlLandline
815-781-xxxxRcn Telecom Services Of Illinois Inc. - IlLandline
815-419-xxxxAt&t LocalLandline
815-856-xxxxLeonore Mutual Telephone Co.Landline
815-709-xxxxLevel 3 Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-880-xxxxXo Illinois Inc.Landline
815-901-xxxxComcast Phone Of Illinois Llc Dba Comco - IlLandline
815-424-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-305-xxxxBroadwing Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-418-xxxxGlobalcom Inc.-ilLandline
815-401-xxxxLevel 3 Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-460-xxxxGlobalcom Inc.-ilLandline
815-640-xxxxTeleport Communications America Llc - IlLandline
815-887-xxxxTeleport Communications America Llc - IlLandline
815-846-xxxxBroadwing Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-277-xxxxTeleport Communications America Llc - IlLandline
815-987-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-915-xxxxLevel 3 Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-995-xxxxTeleport Communications America Llc - IlLandline
815-822-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - IlWireless
815-704-xxxxMcleodusa Telecommunications Services Inc.- IlLandline
815-831-xxxxAero North Communications Inc. - IlLandline
815-851-xxxxUsa Mobility Wireless Inc.Wireless
815-680-xxxxRcn Telecom Services Of Illinois Inc. - IlLandline
815-283-xxxxMediacom Telephony Of Illinois Llc - IlLandline
815-604-xxxxEssex Telcom Inc.Landline
815-975-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - IlWireless
815-818-xxxxAero North Communications Inc. - IlLandline
815-484-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-240-xxxxCharter Fiberlink - Illinois Llc - IlLandline
815-904-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - IlWireless
815-630-xxxxT-mobile Usa Inc.Wireless
815-387-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-525-xxxxTds Metrocom Inc.-ilLandline
815-203-xxxxUsa Mobility Wireless Inc.Wireless
815-928-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-599-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-564-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-329-xxxxSbc Internet Services Inc.Landline
815-799-xxxxLevel 3 Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-740-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-256-xxxxStelle Telephone Co.Landline
815-500-xxxxSprint Communications Company L.p. - IlLandline
815-208-xxxxMediacom Telephony Of Illinois Llc - IlLandline
815-627-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-255-xxxxUs Xchange Of Illinois Llc Dba Choice One Comm IlLandline
815-897-xxxxMediacom Telephony Of Illinois Llc - IlLandline
815-913-xxxxSprint Communications Company L.p. - IlLandline
815-490-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-977-xxxxMci Worldcom Communications Inc. - IlLandline
815-285-xxxxGallatin River Communications Dba CenturylinkLandline
815-826-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - IlWireless
815-702-xxxxSprint Communications Company L.p. - IlLandline
815-582-xxxxT-mobile Usa Inc.Wireless
815-548-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-595-xxxxAt&t LocalLandline
815-944-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-855-xxxxMediacom Telephony Of Illinois Llc - IlLandline
815-402-xxxxLevel 3 Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-475-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-331-xxxxBroadwing Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-869-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-926-xxxxBroadwing Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-565-xxxxMediacom Telephony Of Illinois Llc - IlLandline
815-714-xxxxSprint Communications Company L.p. - IlLandline
815-614-xxxxBroadwing Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-251-xxxxGallatin River Communications Dba CenturylinkLandline
815-724-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-271-xxxxMci Worldcom Communications Inc. - IlLandline
815-542-xxxxCitizens Telecom Co Illinois-frontier Citizens -ilLandline
815-567-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-691-xxxxRcn Telecom Services Of Illinois Inc. - IlLandline
815-510-xxxxMediacom Telephony Of Illinois Llc - IlLandline
815-259-xxxxGallatin River Communications Dba CenturylinkLandline
815-526-xxxxTeleport Communications America Llc - IlLandline
815-616-xxxxT-mobile Usa Inc.Wireless
815-673-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-780-xxxxBroadwing Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-622-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-801-xxxxAero North Communications Inc. - IlLandline
815-320-xxxxPeerless Network Of Illinois Llc - IlLandline
815-906-xxxxMediacom Telephony Of Illinois Llc - IlLandline
815-527-xxxxTeleport Communications America Llc - IlLandline
815-517-xxxxMci Worldcom Communications Inc. - IlLandline
815-802-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-647-xxxxMediacom Telephony Of Illinois Llc - IlLandline
815-570-xxxxLevel 3 Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-322-xxxxLevel 3 Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-304-xxxxBroadwing Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-334-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-883-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-523-xxxxTeleport Communications America Llc - IlLandline
815-934-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-862-xxxxCharter Fiberlink - Illinois Llc - IlLandline
815-773-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-435-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-416-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-556-xxxxBroadwing Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-206-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-858-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-596-xxxxSbc Internet Services Inc.Landline
815-663-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-679-xxxxRcn Telecom Services Of Illinois Inc. - IlLandline
815-688-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-253-xxxxFrontier Communications Of Illinois Inc.Landline
815-683-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-754-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-394-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-774-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-930-xxxxSprint Communications Company L.p. - IlLandline
815-984-xxxxFrontier Communications Of The Carolinas Inc - IlLandline
815-956-xxxxCitizens Telecom Co Illinois-frontier Citizens -ilLandline
815-561-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-632-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-708-xxxxComcast Phone Of Illinois Llc Dba Comco - IlLandline
815-929-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-227-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-446-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-884-xxxxMediacom Telephony Of Illinois Llc - IlLandline
815-423-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-552-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-569-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-392-xxxxKinsman Mutual Telephone CompanyLandline
815-376-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-359-xxxxGallatin River Communications Dba CenturylinkLandline
815-287-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-524-xxxxTeleport Communications America Llc - IlLandline
815-308-xxxxBroadwing Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-452-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-445-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-639-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-629-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-534-xxxxLevel 3 Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-226-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-406-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-220-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-496-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-381-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-759-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-390-xxxxComcast Phone Of Illinois Llc Dba Comco - IlLandline
815-428-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-966-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-588-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-836-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-513-xxxxLevel 3 Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-316-xxxxTds Metrocom Inc.-ilLandline
815-384-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-727-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-264-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-554-xxxxMediacom Telephony Of Illinois Llc - IlLandline
815-395-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-945-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-787-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-770-xxxxCharter Fiberlink - Illinois Llc - IlLandline
815-936-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-937-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-828-xxxxXo Illinois Inc.Landline
815-853-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-935-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-544-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-863-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-699-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-961-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-949-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-854-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-246-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-965-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-365-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-497-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-741-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-288-xxxxGallatin River Communications Dba CenturylinkLandline
815-229-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-998-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-733-xxxxRcn Telecom Services Of Illinois Inc. - IlLandline
815-664-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-745-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-521-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-717-xxxxBroadwing Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-584-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-939-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-756-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-659-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-923-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-421-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-964-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-694-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-725-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-429-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-736-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-224-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-431-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-324-xxxxMediacom Telephony Of Illinois Llc - IlLandline
815-580-xxxxAt&t LocalLandline
815-722-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-842-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-591-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-786-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-438-xxxxCitizens Telecom Co Illinois-frontier Citizens -ilLandline
815-284-xxxxGallatin River Communications Dba CenturylinkLandline
815-730-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-637-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-397-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-824-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-368-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-313-xxxxBroadwing Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-581-xxxxComcast Phone Of Illinois Llc Dba Comco - IlLandline
815-479-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-518-xxxxGlobalcom Inc.-ilLandline
815-969-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-362-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-486-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-849-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-873-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-230-xxxxBroadwing Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-729-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-439-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-744-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-267-xxxxMci Worldcom Communications Inc. - IlLandline
815-339-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-269-xxxxFrontier Communications Of The Carolinas Inc - IlLandline
815-522-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-273-xxxxGallatin River Communications Dba CenturylinkLandline
815-792-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-991-xxxxEssex Telcom Inc.Landline
815-547-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-875-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-933-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-597-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-282-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-682-xxxxFrontier Communications Of The Carolinas Inc - IlLandline
815-777-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-223-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-407-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-957-xxxxLevel 3 Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-396-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-463-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-432-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-356-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-825-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-437-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-963-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-367-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-636-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-244-xxxxGallatin River Communications Dba CenturylinkLandline
815-907-xxxxBroadwing Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-788-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-743-xxxxFrontier Communications Of Prairie Inc.Landline
815-723-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-748-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-941-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-925-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-726-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-232-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-806-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-827-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-442-xxxxTonica Telephone Co.Landline
815-458-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-449-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-968-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-938-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-628-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-932-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-399-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-881-xxxxEssex Telcom Inc.Landline
815-758-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-444-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-235-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-577-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-893-xxxxComcast Phone Of Illinois Llc Dba Comco - IlLandline
815-293-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-337-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-948-xxxxCitizens Telecom Co Illinois-frontier Citizens -ilLandline Clec Llc - IlLandline
815-398-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-455-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-899-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-895-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-942-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-433-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-844-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-609-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-338-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-578-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-800-xxxxMediacom Telephony Of Illinois Llc - IlLandline
815-586-xxxxC-r Telephone Co.Landline
815-635-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-464-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-332-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-625-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-239-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-675-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-667-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-678-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-358-xxxxC-r Telephone Co.Landline
815-539-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-247-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-654-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-834-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-456-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-962-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-943-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-436-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-237-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-645-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-443-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-457-xxxxFrontier Communications Of The Carolinas Inc - IlLandline
815-638-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-462-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-233-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-468-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-379-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-363-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-538-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-747-xxxxCitizens Telecom Co Illinois-frontier Citizens -ilLandline
815-598-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-225-xxxxCitizens Telecom Co Illinois-frontier Citizens -ilLandline
815-234-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-734-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-563-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-286-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-874-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-265-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-886-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-372-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-865-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-434-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-466-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-686-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-877-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-477-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-624-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-254-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-426-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-657-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-336-xxxxCitizens Telecom Co Illinois-frontier Citizens -ilLandline
815-872-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-459-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-698-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-292-xxxxBergen Telephone Co. - IllinoisLandline
815-568-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-447-xxxxFrontier Communications Of Depue Inc.Landline
815-453-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-868-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-594-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-469-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-562-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-894-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-765-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-838-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-782-xxxxBroadwing Communications Llc - IlLandline
815-648-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-879-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-684-xxxxCitizens Telecom Co Illinois-frontier Citizens -ilLandline
815-882-xxxxMcnabb Telephone Co.Landline
815-476-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-393-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-249-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-885-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-448-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-728-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-369-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-732-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-623-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-357-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-832-xxxxFrontier Communications Of Illinois Inc.Landline
815-697-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-467-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-344-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-633-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-422-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-643-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-335-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-493-xxxxCitizens Telecom Co Illinois-frontier Citizens -ilLandline
815-485-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-692-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-795-xxxxMarseilles Telephone Co. Of MarseillesLandline
815-454-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-473-xxxxFrontier Communications Of The Carolinas Inc - IlLandline
815-634-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-248-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-472-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-652-xxxxGallatin River Communications Dba CenturylinkLandline
815-495-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-626-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-653-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-947-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-857-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-646-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-389-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-776-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-465-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-796-xxxxFrontier Communications Of Prairie Inc.Landline
815-784-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-589-xxxxCitizens Telecom Co Illinois-frontier Citizens -ilLandline
815-864-xxxxCitizens Telecom Co Illinois-frontier Citizens -ilLandline
815-385-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-478-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-737-xxxxSharon Telephone Co. - IllinoisLandline
815-492-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-695-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-672-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-427-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
815-689-xxxxFrontier Communications Of Illinois Inc.Landline
815-537-xxxxCitizens Telecom Co Illinois-frontier Citizens -ilLandline
815-498-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-889-xxxxFrontier Communications Of The Carolinas Inc - IlLandline
815-270-xxxxCharter Fiberlink - Illinois Llc - IlLandline
815-778-xxxxCitizens Telecom Co Illinois-frontier Citizens -ilLandline
815-789-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-845-xxxxFrontier North Inc. - IlLandline
815-772-xxxxCitizens Telecom Co Illinois-frontier Citizens -ilLandline
815-946-xxxxCitizens Telecom Co Illinois-frontier Citizens -ilLandline
815-738-xxxxLeaf River Telephone Co.Landline

Details for area code (815) has the local exchanges. Know more information about certain phone number by clicking your desired exchange.

Area Code 815 Teritorry

Illinois (much of northern Illinois outside Chicago & its immediate surrounding suburbs. Includes Rockford and its suburbs, Belvidere, La Salle, Peru, DeKalb, Sycamore, Freeport, Dixon, Sterling, Rock Falls, Ottawa, Morris, Princeton, Mendota, Rochelle, Sandwich, Streator, Pontiac, Kankakee, and some outlying Chicago suburbs such as Harvard, McHenry, Crystal Lake, Woodstock, Plainfield, Joliet, Romeoville, Lockport, New Lenox, Frankfort, Minooka, Channahon, and Shorewood)