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Area Code 302

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Area Code Company Line
302-789-xxxxCoretel Delaware Inc. - DeLandline
302-394-xxxxPeerless Network Of Delaware Llc - DeLandline
302-517-xxxxXo Delaware Inc.Landline
302-380-xxxxXo Delaware Inc.Landline
302-288-xxxxXo Delaware Inc.Landline
302-758-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-797-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-283-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-458-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-248-xxxxCavalier Telephone Llc (mid-atlantic) - DeLandline
302-966-xxxxAtx Telecommunications Services LtdLandline
302-804-xxxxAtx Telecommunications Services LtdLandline
302-781-xxxxAt&t LocalLandline
302-721-xxxxCavalier Telephone Llc (mid-atlantic) - DeLandline
302-499-xxxxXo Delaware Inc.Landline
302-336-xxxxNetcarrier Telecom Inc. - DeLandline
302-289-xxxxBroadwing Communications Llc - DeLandline
302-232-xxxxTcg New Jersey Inc. - PaLandline
302-200-xxxxYmax Communications Corp. - DeLandline
302-251-xxxxCavalier Telephone Llc (mid-atlantic) - DeLandline
302-269-xxxxXo Delaware Inc.Landline
302-374-xxxxXo Delaware Inc.Landline
302-268-xxxxLeap Wireless Intl Inc. Dba Cricket Comm Inc.Wireless
302-308-xxxxGlobal Naps South Inc. - DeLandline
302-339-xxxxOmnipoint Communications Enterprises L.p.Wireless
302-208-xxxxGlobal Naps South Inc. - DeLandline
302-391-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-782-xxxxCoretel Delaware Inc. - DeLandline
302-613-xxxxAtx Telecommunications Services LtdLandline
302-648-xxxxTcg New Jersey Inc. - PaLandline
302-357-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - DeWireless
302-364-xxxxTcg New Jersey Inc. - PaLandline
302-497-xxxxBroadwing Communications Llc - DeLandline
302-414-xxxxXo Delaware Inc.Landline
302-362-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - DeWireless
302-457-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-318-xxxxGlobal Naps South Inc. - DeLandline
302-450-xxxxAt&t LocalLandline
302-685-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - DeWireless
302-279-xxxxBroadwing Communications Llc - DeLandline
302-922-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - DeWireless
302-338-xxxxXo Delaware Inc.Landline
302-722-xxxxLevel 3 Communications Llc - DeLandline
302-689-xxxxXo Delaware Inc.Landline
302-604-xxxxLevel 3 Communications Llc - DeLandline
302-331-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
302-393-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
302-309-xxxxGlobal Naps South Inc. - DeLandline
302-831-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-647-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-214-xxxxGlobal Naps South Inc. - DeLandline
302-332-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - DeWireless
302-480-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
302-396-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - DeWireless
302-527-xxxxCavalier Telephone Llc (mid-atlantic) - DeLandline
302-448-xxxxNetcarrier Telecom Inc. - DeLandline
302-300-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - DeWireless
302-943-xxxxAtx Telecommunications Services LtdLandline
302-729-xxxxXo Delaware Inc.Landline
302-413-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-607-xxxxAtx Telecommunications Services LtdLandline
302-442-xxxxAt&t LocalLandline
302-252-xxxxTcg New Jersey Inc. - PaLandline
302-272-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - DeWireless
302-465-xxxxOmnipoint Communications Enterprises L.p.Wireless
302-206-xxxxGlobal Naps South Inc. - DeLandline
302-257-xxxxPeerless Network Of Delaware Llc - DeLandline
302-213-xxxxGlobal Naps South Inc. - DeLandline
302-220-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - DcWireless
302-342-xxxxBroadwing Communications Llc - DeLandline
302-898-xxxxOmnipoint Communications Enterprises L.p.Wireless
302-924-xxxxCavalier Telephone Llc (mid-atlantic) - DeLandline
302-519-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - DeWireless
302-287-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - DeWireless
302-298-xxxxTcg New Jersey Inc. - PaLandline
302-241-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
302-494-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
302-358-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - DeWireless
302-258-xxxxXo Delaware Inc.Landline
302-255-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-377-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
302-435-xxxxUsa Mobility Wireless Inc.Wireless
302-233-xxxxTcg New Jersey Inc. - PaLandline
302-333-xxxxLeap Wireless Intl Inc. Dba Cricket Comm Inc.Wireless
302-865-xxxxAtx Telecommunications Services LtdLandline
302-565-xxxxLevel 3 Communications Llc - DeLandline
302-209-xxxxGlobal Naps South Inc. - DeLandline Clec Llc - DeLandline
302-467-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-841-xxxxAtx Telecommunications Services LtdLandline
302-345-xxxxOmnipoint Communications Enterprises L.p.Wireless
302-327-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-382-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - DeWireless
302-597-xxxxXo Delaware Inc.Landline
302-897-xxxxOmnipoint Communications Enterprises L.p.Wireless
302-985-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-242-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - DeWireless
302-602-xxxxNetcarrier Telecom Inc. - DeLandline
302-983-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
302-784-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-316-xxxxGlobal Naps South Inc. - DeLandline
302-313-xxxxGlobal Naps South Inc. - DeLandline
302-341-xxxxXo Delaware Inc.Landline
302-245-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - DeWireless
302-282-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-757-xxxxNetcarrier Telecom Inc. - DeLandline
302-363-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
302-893-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - DeWireless
302-930-xxxxTcg New Jersey Inc. - PaLandline
302-317-xxxxGlobal Naps South Inc. - DeLandline
302-570-xxxxTcg New Jersey Inc. - PaLandline
302-399-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
302-385-xxxxXo Delaware Inc.Landline
302-887-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-352-xxxxPaetec Communications Inc. - DeLandline
302-222-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - DeWireless
302-359-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - DcWireless
302-312-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
302-669-xxxxTcg New Jersey Inc. - PaLandline
302-353-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-356-xxxxPaetec Communications Inc. - DeLandline
302-981-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
302-463-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - DeWireless
302-304-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - DeWireless
302-864-xxxxTcg New Jersey Inc. - PaLandline
302-230-xxxxCavalier Telephone Llc (mid-atlantic) - DeLandline
302-433-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-853-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-402-xxxxGlobal Naps South Inc. - DeLandline
302-354-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - DeWireless
302-466-xxxxTcg New Jersey Inc. - PaLandline
302-408-xxxxXo Delaware Inc.Landline
302-788-xxxxCoretel Delaware Inc. - DeLandline
302-695-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-416-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - DeWireless
302-381-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - DeWireless
302-753-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - DcWireless
302-275-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
302-932-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - DeWireless
302-506-xxxxNet-tel Corporation-deLandline
302-723-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
302-420-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
302-632-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - DeWireless
302-598-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - DeWireless
302-507-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
302-752-xxxxTcg New Jersey Inc. - PaLandline
302-534-xxxxNet-tel Corporation-deLandline
302-780-xxxxCoretel Delaware Inc. - DeLandline
302-858-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-415-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - DeWireless
302-857-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-670-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - DcWireless
302-650-xxxxCtc Communications Corp. - DeLandline
302-315-xxxxGlobal Naps South Inc. - DeLandline
302-250-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
302-593-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - DeWireless
302-243-xxxxUsa Mobility Wireless Inc.Wireless
302-528-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - DeWireless
302-259-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
302-766-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - DcWireless
302-531-xxxxCavalier Telephone Llc (mid-atlantic) - DeLandline
302-438-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - DcWireless
302-270-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - DeWireless
302-419-xxxxAt&t LocalLandline
302-236-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - DeWireless
302-824-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - DeWireless
302-218-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
302-383-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - DeWireless
302-371-xxxxXo Delaware Inc.Landline
302-229-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - DcWireless
302-585-xxxxXo Delaware Inc.Landline
302-588-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - DcWireless
302-542-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - DeWireless
302-754-xxxxTcg New Jersey Inc. - PaLandline
302-750-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - DcWireless
302-815-xxxxAtx Telecommunications Services LtdLandline
302-530-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - DeWireless
302-682-xxxxAtx Telecommunications Services LtdLandline
302-344-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
302-690-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - DcWireless
302-348-xxxxXo Delaware Inc.Landline
302-559-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - DcWireless
302-918-xxxxAtx Telecommunications Services LtdLandline
302-545-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - DeWireless
302-340-xxxxXo Delaware Inc.Landline
302-388-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - DeWireless
302-212-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - DcWireless
302-451-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-299-xxxxUs Lec Of Pennsylvania Inc. - DeLandline
302-481-xxxxCavalier Telephone Llc (mid-atlantic) - DeLandline
302-423-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - DcWireless
302-540-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - DeWireless
302-379-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - DeWireless
302-290-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - DcWireless
302-462-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
302-277-xxxxAquis Communications Inc.Landline
302-273-xxxxComcast Phone Of Delaware Llc - DeLandline
302-293-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
302-521-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - DcWireless
302-367-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - DcWireless
302-207-xxxxGlobal Naps South Inc. - DeLandline
302-569-xxxxAtx Telecommunications Services LtdLandline
302-474-xxxxUsa Mobility Wireless Inc.Wireless
302-373-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - DcWireless
302-584-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - DeWireless
302-837-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-547-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - DeWireless
302-400-xxxxXo Delaware Inc.Landline
302-319-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - DeWireless
302-405-xxxxGlobal Naps South Inc. - DeLandline
302-502-xxxxComcast Phone Of Delaware Llc - DeLandline
302-330-xxxxCavalier Telephone Llc (mid-atlantic) - DeLandline
302-561-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - DcWireless
302-249-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - DcWireless
302-468-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - DeWireless
302-228-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - DcWireless
302-247-xxxxUsa Mobility Wireless Inc.Wireless
302-476-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-563-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - DcWireless
302-783-xxxxCoretel Delaware Inc. - DeLandline
302-740-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - DcWireless
302-432-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-437-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - DcWireless
302-743-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - DcWireless
302-441-xxxxRedi-call Communications CoLandline
302-361-xxxxXo Delaware Inc.Landline
302-562-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - DcWireless
302-296-xxxxCavalier Telephone Llc (mid-atlantic) - DeLandline
302-621-xxxxXo Delaware Inc.Landline
302-417-xxxxXo Delaware Inc.Landline
302-643-xxxxAtx Telecommunications Services LtdLandline
302-583-xxxxXo Delaware Inc.Landline
302-828-xxxxTcg New Jersey Inc. - PaLandline
302-246-xxxxCavalier Telephone Llc (mid-atlantic) - DeLandline
302-566-xxxxTcg New Jersey Inc. - PaLandline
302-372-xxxxXo Delaware Inc.Landline
302-830-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-434-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-886-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-634-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-538-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - DeWireless
302-307-xxxxGlobal Naps South Inc. - DeLandline
302-696-xxxxAtx Telecommunications Services LtdLandline
302-839-xxxxCavalier Telephone Llc (mid-atlantic) - DeLandline
302-885-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-739-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-763-xxxxAtx Telecommunications Services LtdLandline
302-822-xxxxRedi-call Communications CoLandline
302-637-xxxxUsa Mobility Wireless Inc.Wireless
302-522-xxxxXo Delaware Inc.Landline
302-334-xxxxCavalier Telephone Llc (mid-atlantic) - DeLandline
302-744-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-231-xxxxTcg New Jersey Inc. - PaLandline
302-204-xxxxGlobal Naps South Inc. - DeLandline
302-631-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-660-xxxxMci Worldcom Communications Inc. - DeLandline
302-535-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - DeWireless
302-772-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-745-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - DcWireless
302-407-xxxxGlobal Naps South Inc. - DeLandline
302-431-xxxxUsa Mobility Wireless Inc.Wireless
302-779-xxxxAtx Telecommunications Services LtdLandline
302-351-xxxxPaetec Communications Inc. - DeLandline
302-578-xxxxTcg New Jersey Inc. - PaLandline
302-520-xxxxXo Delaware Inc.Landline
302-504-xxxxAtx Telecommunications Services LtdLandline
302-305-xxxxGlobal Naps South Inc. - DeLandline
302-347-xxxxXo Delaware Inc.Landline
302-747-xxxxTcg New Jersey Inc. - PaLandline
302-256-xxxxComcast Phone Of Delaware Llc - DeLandline
302-297-xxxxCavalier Telephone Llc (mid-atlantic) - DeLandline
302-295-xxxxBroadwing Communications Llc - DeLandline
302-217-xxxxGlobal Naps South Inc. - DeLandline
302-501-xxxxTcg New Jersey Inc. - PaLandline
302-418-xxxxXo Delaware Inc.Landline
302-826-xxxxTcg New Jersey Inc. - PaLandline
302-668-xxxxComcast Phone Of Delaware Llc - DeLandline
302-205-xxxxGlobal Naps South Inc. - DeLandline
302-320-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-219-xxxxGlobal Naps South Inc. - DeLandline
302-216-xxxxGlobal Naps South Inc. - DeLandline
302-577-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-673-xxxxXo Delaware Inc.Landline
302-870-xxxxAtx Telecommunications Services LtdLandline
302-532-xxxxXo Delaware Inc.Landline
302-387-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - DeWireless
302-314-xxxxGlobal Naps South Inc. - DeLandline
302-460-xxxxXo Delaware Inc.Landline
302-360-xxxxCavalier Telephone Llc (mid-atlantic) - DeLandline
302-262-xxxxCavalier Telephone Llc (mid-atlantic) - DeLandline
302-666-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-461-xxxxSchuylkill Mobile Fone Inc.Landline
302-263-xxxxScott Sabo Dba AllpageLandline
302-572-xxxxCavalier Telephone Llc (mid-atlantic) - DeLandline
302-990-xxxxTcg New Jersey Inc. - PaLandline
302-564-xxxxCavalier Telephone Llc (mid-atlantic) - DeLandline
302-444-xxxxTcg New Jersey Inc. - PaLandline
302-760-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-761-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-489-xxxxCavalier Telephone Llc (mid-atlantic) - DeLandline
302-355-xxxxPaetec Communications Inc. - DeLandline
302-404-xxxxGlobal Naps South Inc. - DeLandline
302-765-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-306-xxxxGlobal Naps South Inc. - DeLandline
302-523-xxxxRedi-call Communications CoLandline
302-412-xxxxNutel Comm Llc Dba Arbros Comm Lic Company Ne- DeLandline
302-624-xxxxScott Sabo Dba AllpageLandline
302-370-xxxxXo Delaware Inc.Landline
302-440-xxxxPeerless Network Of Delaware Llc - DeLandline
302-403-xxxxGlobal Naps South Inc. - DeLandline
302-406-xxxxGlobal Naps South Inc. - DeLandline
302-623-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-552-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-727-xxxxLevel 3 Communications Llc - DeLandline
302-526-xxxxLevel 3 Communications Llc - DeLandline
302-873-xxxxXo Delaware Inc.Landline
302-203-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-709-xxxxCavalier Telephone Llc (mid-atlantic) - DeLandline
302-616-xxxxMcc Telephony Of The Mid-atlantic Llc - DeLandline
302-724-xxxxLevel 3 Communications Llc - DeLandline
302-787-xxxxCoretel Delaware Inc. - DeLandline
302-303-xxxxGlobal Naps South Inc. - DeLandline
302-401-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
302-350-xxxxRedi-call Communications CoLandline
302-321-xxxxCavalier Telephone Llc (mid-atlantic) - DeLandline
302-861-xxxxXo Delaware Inc.Landline
302-469-xxxxTcg New Jersey Inc. - PaLandline
302-397-xxxxXo Delaware Inc.Landline
302-452-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-525-xxxxLevel 3 Communications Llc - DeLandline
302-524-xxxxAtx Telecommunications Services LtdLandline
302-224-xxxxCavalier Telephone Llc (mid-atlantic) - DeLandline
302-793-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-346-xxxxCavalier Telephone Llc (mid-atlantic) - DeLandline
302-725-xxxxLevel 3 Communications Llc - DeLandline
302-894-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-265-xxxxGlobal Naps South Inc. - DeLandline
302-774-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-581-xxxxAtx Telecommunications Services LtdLandline
302-731-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-430-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-323-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-884-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-384-xxxxNationsline Delaware Inc. - DeLandline
302-773-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-594-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-281-xxxxMetro Pcs Inc.Landline
302-254-xxxxCavalier Telephone Llc (mid-atlantic) - DeLandline
302-264-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
302-929-xxxxTcg New Jersey Inc. - PaLandline
302-883-xxxxAtx Telecommunications Services LtdLandline
302-514-xxxxAtx Telecommunications Services LtdLandline
302-636-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-622-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-260-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
302-464-xxxxIdt America Corp - DeLandline
302-715-xxxxAtx Telecommunications Services LtdLandline
302-683-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-482-xxxxD-tel Llc - DeLandline
302-261-xxxxXo Delaware Inc.Landline
302-544-xxxxNetcarrier Telecom Inc. - DeLandline
302-635-xxxxTcg New Jersey Inc. - PaLandline
302-733-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-285-xxxxCavalier Telephone Llc (mid-atlantic) - DeLandline
302-657-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-221-xxxxCavalier Telephone Llc (mid-atlantic) - DeLandline
302-576-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-574-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-892-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-223-xxxxTcg New Jersey Inc. - PaLandline
302-343-xxxxCavalier Telephone Llc (mid-atlantic) - DeLandline
302-428-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-495-xxxxCavalier Telephone Llc (mid-atlantic) - DeLandline
302-993-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-992-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-651-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-429-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-996-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-472-xxxxCavalier Telephone Llc (mid-atlantic) - DeLandline
302-664-xxxxTcg New Jersey Inc. - PaLandline
302-786-xxxxAtx Telecommunications Services LtdLandline
302-483-xxxxCavalier Telephone Llc (mid-atlantic) - DeLandline
302-365-xxxxComcast Phone Of Delaware Llc - DeLandline
302-677-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-498-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-395-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-746-xxxxAtx Telecommunications Services LtdLandline
302-751-xxxxTcg New Jersey Inc. - PaLandline
302-276-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
302-421-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-454-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-571-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-730-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-661-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-703-xxxxAtx Telecommunications Services LtdLandline
302-672-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-791-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-225-xxxxCavalier Telephone Llc (mid-atlantic) - DeLandline
302-253-xxxxCavalier Telephone Llc (mid-atlantic) - DeLandline
302-392-xxxxCavalier Telephone Llc (mid-atlantic) - DeLandline
302-238-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-324-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-543-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-984-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-349-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-854-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-573-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-280-xxxxCavalier Telephone Llc (mid-atlantic) - DeLandline
302-888-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-500-xxxxMcc Telephony Of The Mid-atlantic Llc - DeLandline
302-741-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-479-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-366-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-663-xxxxAtx Telecommunications Services LtdLandline
302-792-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-329-xxxxCavalier Telephone Llc (mid-atlantic) - DeLandline
302-449-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-674-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-424-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-856-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-425-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-549-xxxxRcn Telecom Services Of Delaware Inc.Landline
302-426-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-678-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-778-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-633-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-235-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-927-xxxxAtx Telecommunications Services LtdLandline
302-855-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-956-xxxxAtx Telecommunications Services LtdLandline
302-375-xxxxCavalier Telephone Llc (mid-atlantic) - DeLandline
302-575-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-456-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-326-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-698-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-907-xxxxAtx Telecommunications Services LtdLandline
302-453-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-735-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-427-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-777-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-655-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-294-xxxxBroadwing Communications Llc - DeLandline
302-658-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-536-xxxxAtx Telecommunications Services LtdLandline
302-266-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-652-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-286-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-846-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-478-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-654-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-738-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-322-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-389-xxxxCavalier Telephone Llc (mid-atlantic) - DeLandline
302-369-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-477-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-934-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-734-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-492-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-832-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-656-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-736-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-541-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-628-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-533-xxxxTcg New Jersey Inc. - PaLandline
302-529-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-292-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-455-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-737-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-629-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-838-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-325-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-999-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-422-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-337-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-834-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-328-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-798-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-659-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-998-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-368-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-995-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-762-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-398-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-645-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-732-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-595-xxxxTcg New Jersey Inc. - PaLandline
302-653-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-439-xxxxAt&t LocalLandline
302-644-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-335-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-697-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-764-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-378-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-836-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-376-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-436-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-234-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-827-xxxxTcg New Jersey Inc. - PaLandline
302-988-xxxxTcg New Jersey Inc. - PaLandline
302-226-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-491-xxxxBroadwing Communications Llc - DeLandline
302-284-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-475-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-994-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-875-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-684-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-933-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-239-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-691-xxxxXo Delaware Inc.Landline
302-877-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-829-xxxxTcg New Jersey Inc. - PaLandline
302-227-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-947-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-945-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-537-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline
302-539-xxxxVerizon Delaware Inc.Landline

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Area Code 302 Teritorry

Delaware (all)