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Area Code 872

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Area Code Company Line
872-803-xxxxT-mobile Usa Inc.Wireless
872-213-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
872-888-xxxxCygnus Telecommunications Corporation - IlLandline
872-588-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - IlWireless
872-232-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
872-395-xxxxDenali Spectrum License LlcLandline
872-230-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
872-237-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
872-239-xxxxT-mobile Usa Inc.Wireless
872-202-xxxxNew Cingular Wireless Pcs Llc - IlWireless
872-226-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless Clec Llc - IlLandline Clec Llc - IlLandline
872-220-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
872-212-xxxxT-mobile Usa Inc.Wireless
872-333-xxxxCygnus Telecommunications Corporation - IlLandline
872-484-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
872-600-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
872-800-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
872-225-xxxxNeutral Tandem-illinois Llc - IlLandline
872-223-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
872-228-xxxxDenali Spectrum License LlcLandline
872-201-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - IlWireless
872-222-xxxxDenali Spectrum License LlcLandline Clec Llc - IlLandline
872-233-xxxxT-mobile Usa Inc.Wireless
872-400-xxxxDenali Spectrum License LlcLandline
872-639-xxxxNeutral Tandem-illinois Llc - IlLandline
872-303-xxxxT-mobile Usa Inc.Wireless
872-305-xxxxT-mobile Usa Inc.Wireless Clec Llc - IlLandline
872-444-xxxxCygnus Telecommunications Corporation - IlLandline
872-999-xxxxNeutral Tandem-illinois Llc - IlLandline
872-825-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
872-253-xxxxNeutral Tandem-illinois Llc - IlLandline
872-666-xxxxCygnus Telecommunications Corporation - IlLandline
872-210-xxxxT-mobile Usa Inc.Wireless
872-356-xxxxNeutral Tandem-illinois Llc - IlLandline
872-240-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - IlWireless
872-301-xxxxT-mobile Usa Inc.Wireless
872-465-xxxxNeutral Tandem-illinois Llc - IlLandline
872-218-xxxxT-mobile Usa Inc.Wireless Clec Llc - IlLandline
872-247-xxxxAmeritech IllinoisLandline
872-801-xxxxT-mobile Usa Inc.Wireless
872-214-xxxxT-mobile Usa Inc.Wireless
872-215-xxxxCellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - IlWireless
872-777-xxxxCygnus Telecommunications Corporation - IlLandline
872-702-xxxxSprint Spectrum L.p.Wireless
872-209-xxxxT-mobile Usa Inc.Wireless
872-208-xxxxLevel 3 Communications Llc - IlLandline
872-206-xxxxComcast Phone Of Illinois Llc Dba Comco - IlLandline
872-244-xxxxSbc Internet Services Inc.Landline
872-829-xxxxNeutral Tandem-illinois Llc - IlLandline

Details for area code (872) has the local exchanges. Know more information about certain phone number by clicking your desired exchange.

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